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About Us

WCL: Gaming, Inc is an Association that consists of a network of gamers, organizations, companies, and brands working together through cross marketing, data & content sharing, and event hosting to increase equal opportunities in the eSports and gaming industry.

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WCL's Founder

Whittney Allen - Delgado

WCL was founded by Whittney a Southern California native in 2016. Whittney has over 15 years' experience with building gaming organizations and began WCL as a competitive tournament Xbox Live community. As the Gaming & eSports industry grew Whittney noticed how it was straying further and further away from the true culture of gaming and who gamers are, so she set out to create a platform that represented GAMERS!

With over 10 years' experience in corporate project management Whittney decided to put her skills to use and expanded WCL into a full-service Gaming & eSports entertainment company adding the first professional eSport League in overall gaming and WCL's Global Gamers Association which is an organization who works to create increased equal opportunities in gaming through services which includes Event hosting, Music in Gaming, player management, Gaming/internet security and monitoring for young gamers, and TV production.

Today, Whittney continues to build relationships and partnerships that assist WCL in our goal to change lives!


"WCL stands for "Wee Change Lives", it's not just the name of my company it is the motto which I live by." - Whittney

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