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How to Succeed in the eSports Industry

For all you aspiring gamers who are trying to break into the Pros, joining WCL: Gaming eSports tournaments are definitely an option and I detail the options we provide throughout this article, but I have one opinion on success in the gaming industry. It’s simple, you have to be a man. If you’re a man and have any influence over any part of the industry, don’t invest in any smaller organizations, unless they are backed by major corporations or figures inside or outside the industry, especially ones run by women (that’s sarcasm of course), ok that’s two opinions… or maybe just one restated. One of these statements is a fact, the other… well is also a fact just a less popular one, both have a bit of sarcasm, but that doesn’t make either less true. Like every other industry in this world, women make considerably less than the men of the industry and like all business the small guys, and gals, are looked over, until they blow up then they are innovative, and everyone wants in. There have been many articles on the subjects detailing statistics and facts, but I am here to voice my opinion, as average as it may be.

I have been a gamer most of my life, if not all of it, so I have as much skill as the average gamer guy my age with my experience. I grew up in sports as well, so for me eSports competition is nothing new. The environment, the competitors, the analyst, spectators, officiants, announcers, and owners, all male dominated and have an opinion about what women need to be successful in the industry that they present as facts. Well, I’m here to tell all you guys, literally you guys/men, you don’t know what women need, and that doesn’t just apply to work environments. I have a degree in business and a corporate job, but I am a career entrepreneur. I created WCL: Gaming about three years ago to offer eSports competition to the average gamers of Xbox One, and recently I decided to expand that platform, offering not only prized tournaments across all gaming platforms for the regular gamers, but a Pro eSports League, Gaming Monitoring & Security, a youth eSports league, and a gaming content/news media platform. Yes, I’ve been a very busy girl, and yes, it is very difficult, but this isn’t the first business I’ve started, probably not the last either, and my compliant isn’t about the difficulties of starting from the bottom, one day I’ll be there (Drake’s voice)… see what I did there? No, it’s about what I’ve learned in the year I have been working to expand my platform. What’s that you ask? Well, like everything else, women get the short end of the stick. As a woman my ideas are not taken as serious as a man, of course being a woman all my life, I know this, good luck to all you transwomen, you’ve all just become a part of a very sacred club, so sacred men act like we don’t exist in most circles. So, coming into owning a gaming platform I wasn’t surprised by the opportunities I’m provided. However, what I was surprised by was the opportunities provided to the women of the sport, the Pro gamer girls or lack thereof. Like most people I wasn’t aware of the details, ins and outs, of all the eSports competitions. Even though, I am a gamer and run my own tournament circuit, I never really followed the major ones. Yeah, I know the popular names of organizations, teams, players, streamers, YouTubers, and etc., but I didn’t know as much about them as I do now. Like, there is next to no Pro women gamers and when I say “next to no” I mean in comparison to the male gamers who are apart of large organizations receiving large notary and paydays. The platform is not only male dominated, but female excluded. From being a part of the NBA 2k experience I know the difficulties women face when trying to make it into the professional sports games leagues, but I must admit I figured other leagues were much more inclusive, but boy… or girl… or is it sis… IDK, but whatever was I wrong! The large organizations barely look at women when considering building teams and the large tournament circuits like Overwatch and CSGO have created women only leagues. Arabian Business recently put out an article were Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racers Esports, quoted “That’s why we wanted to bring GirlGamer to the UAE” in regards to him agreeing that women-only tournaments are what will even out the odds on the professional level of gaming, giving women gamers more opportunities to earn as much as our male counter parts. That’s outrages to me. Why is it necessary to separate male from female gamers in tournament when there are no physical or any advantage one has over the other. Hell, when it comes to most sports I don’t see this being a factor but that’s another article for another platform. Also, how would this even out the pay differences? History has taught us that women-only sports are vastly unsupported, no one watches them or attends the events, so how would that change women’s pay in the Pro eSports industry? If there are less viewers and supporters of women-only tournaments how can women get the notary to get the pay men get? Simple, they won’t. This is just a ploy to offer us a pacifier to shut us up on the issue and make us feel like we have something of our own, when what we want is equality. Our own platforms do not give us equality, in fact they give us the exact opposite, they create separation. People can argue all they want about how women sports need to be taken more seriously, what I say is, the sport is our platform. From the dawn of time women have learned things the same way men have, well not fully, and have performed just as well, if not outperforming them, so the idea that we need separate rules and regulations when it comes to doing anything is insane. Women didn’t fight for the right to be included just to be separated, they fought, and we still do, for the rights men do and in this scenario that means the right to be a part of the platform.

There is no need or want of women-only leagues/organizations when we can perform just as well or better than men and look better doing it. Sure, bring on the women only teams, because I love to see my women spank the boys, but don’t exclude them from the main events. All these women-only organizations are products of men and their egos, thoughts, feelings, or whatever you want to stim it from. If you talk to us, women, we will tell you that what we want is what we deserve a piece of the action. Not a separate platform, but more environments that gives us the exact opportunities as the men of the industry. That’s what WCL: Gaming does, our platform is designed for all gamers, no matter the age, sex, or level. WCL offers a truly equal opportunity platform from casual to professional gaming. Oh, this is the part where I inform all the aspiring gamers on how to go Pro. WCL: Gaming launch of our eSports Tournament circuits gives a unique platform to the industry. Our league focuses not only on all gamers, but all the popular competitive games, in a challenge to find out who the most dominate overall gamers are. Gamers all over do not play only one game, nor are they only good in one platform and I believe eSports do not address that. I believe the most lucrative platform in gaming that will push this industry to equality within the sports industry is an organization that incorporates all games. The different tournaments are ok and will always be successful but true success lies in overall gaming. Giving the audience one overall all-inclusive sport, like the NBA or NFL. Gaming itself is a sport not the games we play, and by offering leagues in each individual game, that gets lost and, like now, the games themselves are looked at as leagues when there should only be one league. That is what WCL: Gaming gives the industry. One league, the eSports League. WCL sets the rules and regulations of the professional eSports organization that the consumers can appreciate and that they want to see. Trust me, gamers believe they are great at gaming, that’s The Great Debate, and our desires as a whole, so give us a league where that can be proven and it’s over. Gaming communities everywhere will want a part of this. All competitive gamers want to prove they are the best and all gamers want to see who’s the best of the best, so a product like this is electronic gold… Yeah, I think that gets my point across. WCL: Gaming eSports Tournament circuit have begun with our March 28thHyperX Call of Duty TDM Tournament starting off our regular tournament circuit and will be followed by our summer Premier Gamers Tournament and Fall Pro eSports League tournament. So if you are a gamer and are trying to make it Pro go register for our events on WCL: Gaming’s website, and if you’re a major, minor, or any brand/company wanting to get into the business side of gaming, invest with WCL because we are the future of gaming and you want to get in on that early! So, I didn’t get to the part about smaller organizations lack of major investment opportunities, so I guess that’ll be my next article, or post, or blog… whatever just read what I write because I’ll continue to write it anyways…

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