Social Media: The Grind to the Known

Like me, I’m sure you have a platform. Today everyone is selling something, whether it’s products and goods or a service. Are you a streamer, gamer, influencers, or a regular Joe trying to build your stream views and subs to get paid? Well guess what, that’s a service it’s called entertainment. Like me, I’m sure you use social media to offer, advertise, market, or even run that platform, right? Well, like me have you run into the dreaded issue of being banned from the very platforms that are meant to promote…well everything? If what I read in the search engine is correct over 90% of us do or have. This story is about just that. It’s about the little guys and the struggle we face growing our platforms in the age of social media and suppression in a capitalist world.

Recently I created a Discord server for my gaming company WCL: Gaming and after grinding it out for about 8 hours my server was disbanded by Discord stating that “Your account triggered our anti-spam countermeasures in one of the following ways: * sending a large number of unsolicited DM messages in a short span of time. * participating in a server dedicating to spamming Discord users * taking other actions on Discord — for example, joining a ton of servers — faster than humanly possible” and 35 members later just like that I’m back to zero. I know you’re thinking, wait 35 members? And she’s complaining? What a scrub, whiner, noob, yeah yeah yeah I know you’re a troll. But this isn’t about the 35 members that’s left in limbo asking questions about tomorrow’s tournaments or several of the hundreds of requests I made finally joining my server inquiring about my company or how to join one of the 5 tournaments WCL: Gaming hosts every Saturday online across all platforms, no. It’s about the suppression we all face at the hands of large corporations who works to stop our growth as to not outshine and out earn them. You’d think a company who started off in a garage would champion for us small guys, but on the contrary my people, they don’t, won’t, and will never. It’s all a competition in the rat race to squander the American dollar.

Let’s break this thing down shall we. This isn’t my first ban from social media. When I finally decided to take my tournament circuit I’ve been running for 2 years via WCL Gaming club on Xbox Live and expand it into a multi gaming platform for all gamers, average, casual, and professional, I joined Instagram and for the first time, about 72 hours and 200 followers later, I was banned. I know you’re thinking what a loser, complainer, noob, yeah yeah I get it your troll. IG gave practically the same anti-spam mumbo jumbo Discord did, and don’t get me wrong I’m totally for anti-spam action and protection against trolls, hackers, and salespeople, hahaha, ( in case you didn’t get it that’s me laughing at the fact that I too am selling something, thus making me a salesperson, smh never mind bad joke), but I ask myself is that really what they’re doing? Is it really protection and customer service they’re concerned with? I wonder… because if I’m not mistaken, and please correct me if I’m wrong, which I know you will because everyone knows everything and opinions are now facts which is why social media is so popular, isn’t social media designed for solicitation? I mean we all, well not me before this WCL expansion I spent about 2 minutes a week on social media hence the reason I knew nothing about banning, spend hours trying to connect with people by soliciting follows on a platform through an app or browser for some reason or another. The whole reason these social media platforms exist is for people to ask other people by advertising themselves or brands to follow them, then use those follows to ask more people who encouraged less people than them to follow them. What’s the definition of solicitation exactly? Solicitation: the act of asking for or trying to obtain something from someone, yes I googled it. Now, you’re like “they banned you for spamming” right? Well, what’s the definition of spam? Spam: irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients, another google… hey I have to be precise. Can you see how the two correlates? Aside from the irrelevant and inappropriate, which I’m not too sure either of those should be excluded judging from more than half of what people post online, spamming is solicitation by definition. Now, for the doozy, I never sent any messages and the only asking I did was in the form of posts on my own page, server, channels, and story. I did however follow people because that’s the best way to connect with people and also isn’t that what you’re supposed to do on social media? However, I will give it to Discord come to find out whenever you invite someone by hitting that invite button next to their name you’re sending a direct message, I see you Discord you sly little devils you, so by definition just inviting people to your server is spamming even though the platform is made to communicate with others by creating your own server then inviting them to that server, hmmmm… So, if all I did was follow other users I’m spamming, correct? Oh, I haven't mentioned the other half of this, social media marketing.

Social media marketing, if you use any social media I’m sure you are aware each platform sells marketing in the form of exposure. You can now add money to your post to have it shown to a large number of the social media platform user’s over a set time for marketing and promotion purposes. Basically, you now have to pay to spam/solicit… I mean to get likes and follows, something that people talked down on when social media started trending, but the platforms then saw how profitable that was and branded it as social media marketing causing marketing agencies and publications worldwide to lose billions but that’s another story of which I don’t care about just thought I’d point out the monkey see monkey do pattern here or the lack of creativity whichever way you choose to view it as, but most great things stem from other good things it’s just human adaption and good business… questionable, but good. If you to, again, like me, are building something or even just looking to connect with others, which is still building something but you know how people like to separate things from other things with the same definition, you use social media to build awareness of your platform or self and to do that you have to connect with a large number of people which means following a large number of people, and when you do they see your offerings and if it’s good they then follow you, which is how social media works right? Yes, however since these platforms now discovered they can make even more money by charging their users to basically use their platforms they work to restrict the rate at which users can connect with other users, because if people can follow a large number of people at a very fast rate social media marketing is worthless.

Get this social media platforms only discovered social media marketing from its early users ability to leverage their thousands, sometimes millions, of followers for marketing purposes for corporations, brands, and businesses who began soliciting these users to solicit their products and services to the users followers for the purpose of gaining awareness for their platforms. Yeah we are getting there… to the point that is. So, social media platforms wanted a piece of that so they began suppressing users ability to essentially use the platform so they can offer social media marketing to these corporations, brands, and businesses and to top it off they figured why not make money from the users as well. So not only are we being restricted from using these social media platforms the way they were created to be used, we are also charged to use them. Now, these corporations, brands, and businesses run social media just like any other marketing outlet and everyday joes like you and I are held down as to not have any growth and are charged to connect with people or be banned if we can’t pay the price. Whoosh, finally it’s all out.

What have we gotten from this other than I’m the founder of WCL: Gaming a gaming & eSports platform that offers free tournaments every Saturday for a chance to win monthly prizes and prize pools, who also offers the first eSports franchised league who’s tournament consists of all major games and is now recruiting teams, gamers, and investors and have recently spoken with JaVale McGee from the Lakers and other athletes and entertainers about future investments? Oh, that social media platforms use their users for a service that the users are not paid for. They restrict our use of their platforms for their own financial gain, charge us to connect with people, and ban us if we connect with people at a rate faster than what the social media platform would like. If you were ever banned for anti-spamming reasons that isn’t what you were banned for because the platforms are created to spam and solicit. The true reason behind social media anti-spam countermeasures is profit. If I’m wrong, wouldn’t you only be banned for spamming if you sent messages to the same users over and over again or followed and unfollowed the same users over and over again? Because that is spam, that’s what we all want to be protected from when using social media. Why are we banned as spammers for being able to grow our platforms at a fast rate by following a large number of other users quickly? Why are we kicked for solicitation when social media was designed for just that? If they were trying to protect their users why not use the verification system to weed out robots and hackers? Why not ban users who message the same users over and over again or follow and unfollow the same users over and over again to prevent trolling and other user annoyances? Yeah I get it, if everyone is able to message large numbers of people quickly users would get thousands of messages a day and would not use the platform. To that I say follow twitter and limit the number of messages that can be put out a minute but banning users for using social media for what it is intended for is just unnecessary and is not right. To the people, the users of social media, understand when you receive that message or follow from a small brand, business, or person trying to build understand that not everyone’s intentions are solely for self, most of us work to build something for you that involves you and the only way to do that is with your support. So, when you report that account for that one message or follow you are giving up the opportunity to build the very thing you complain about not having or not being made a part of and limit your own opportunities. Not only that but you abuse these platforms managing services and give them what they need to restrict ALL USERS not just that one account you are reporting. If you want the things you desire and the chance to help build that, think twice before you take action against a person or persons who does not deserve it and only wants to include you. And if these large corporations like social media platforms are ever going to treat us fairly we have to stop making it so easy for them to silence us. I am a gamer. I game every single day, I’m in the lobbies, in the parties, servers, and matches and what I know and learn about our community I put into my company to give us gamers something that is truly for us by us. Everything I do is to give us gamers what we all want, need, and enjoy and I love doing it, so I decide to make a living giving to my people, you gamers, and that is what WCL: Gaming is. I am a gamer, gaming is my cause and WCL is our solution!

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